Xfinity Mobile is Open for Business

Following an employee trial period, Comcast confirmed that it has begun to offer Xfinity Mobile, a service that it is bundling with its high-speed internet service and limiting to its regular service footprint.

Comcast started to roll out Xfinity Mobile on Tuesday (May 16) and is initially selling it online, though plans are underway to make it available via other channels, including its own Xfinity Store, later.

Comcast introduced Xfinity Mobile in early April, offering details on a service that will lean on the company’s MVNO agreement with Verizon Communications and be complemented by Comcast’s deployment of 16 million-plus WiFi hotspots.

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Out of the chute, Comcast is offering a discounted unlimited Xfinity Mobile data plan for $45 per line (down from a regular price of $65), with the caveat that speeds on the cellular network will be reduced to a maximum of 1.5 Mbps down/750 kbps upstream after 20 GB of data is consumed in a given month. That discounted rate is good for 24 months, according to the fine print.

That lower $45 unlimited rate also applies to Comcast customers who get broadband and one of Comcast’s higher-end X1 pay TV service packages.

Comcast is also marketing a By the Gig plan that costs $12 per gigabyte per month. Xfinity Mobile customers are free to switch between those data options

There are no line access fees on up to five lines, and Xfinity Mobile offers unlimited nationwide talk and test, and 100 megabytes of shared data per month.

Xfinity Mobile is also launching with support for several smartphone models, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Apple iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the LG X power, among others.

Per the service FAQ, Xfinity Mobile is not supporting a bring-your-own-device policy at launch, and Comcast won’t cover early termination fees if a customer is switching from another mobile carrier.