WWE Raw Gets Interactive

World Wresting Entertainment Inc. has added interactivity to its WWEMonday Night Raw Spike TV series.

Taking Raw interactive follows on the heels of WWE’s first interactive pay-per-view event, “Taboo Tuesday,” Oct. 19.

Each Monday through Jan. 17, the wrestling organization will present "WWE Raw Interactive" on its Web site (www.wwe.com) -- a two-hour, live event synchronized perfectly with the Monday Night Raw on Spike at 9 p.m. (EST).

Fans will be polled on their opinions about the on-screen action, predict the winners of individual matches, have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes information and test their Raw knowledge with live trivia and information.

The interactive-TV content is being powered by GoldPocket Interactive Inc.

"Our fans are so passionate about WWE that they actively seek new ways to interact with the brand and its Superstars," WWE executive vice president of marketing Kurt Schneider said in a prepared statement.

"We know many of them watch Raw while emailing their friends or participating in Web chats about the show,” he added. “This interactive experience puts them right in the middle of the action."