WWE Launches Tampa Training Center

World Wrestling Entertainment is forming a new training center in Florida for aspirant grapplers.Located in south Tampa, Florida Championship Wrestling will serve as development territory for WWE, which has contracted with former wrestler Steve Keirn to operate it. WWE trainer Tom Prichard will oversee all talent training.

The training facility, which is expected to become fully operational by December, is being expanded to 10,000 square feet, replete with a 300-seat arena, according to officials at the organization. The arena will also host a weekly show, shot in front of a live audience, which will be broadcast regionally. WWE executives declined to comment on distributors or when this programming would air.   

“Florida Championship Wrestling will serve as a training ground for the WWE Superstars and Divas of the future,” said John Laurinaitis, senior vice president, talent relations, in a statement. “FCW is building a top-notch facility in the heart of Tampa Bay that has the capacity to groom our vast crop of rising Superstars.”