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WVNY Cuts Local Newscasts

After four years, WVNY(TV) Burlington, Vt., is ending its local newscasts.

The ABC affiliate has been a distant third in ratings, although the newscast
has won numerous awards, including two regional awards from Associated Press in

A total of 25 people will be out of work after the weekend.

WVNY general manager Erik Storck said, "We've built a terrific newscast and
have a very talented news team and production crew. However, people's viewing habits are very difficult to change and, with two
very well-established news programs in the market, we just didn't break through.

He added, "I believe this action underscores the difficulties that many small-market
television stations are experiencing."

Storck continued, "It is very expensive to run a news
department, and the continued loss is just not an economic
standing that a business or its investors can continue and survive