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WPRI-TV: No conflict in club-safety story

WPRI-TV -- the Providence, R.I., station that had both a cameraman and a
reporter inside the nightclub-turned-inferno last week -- said there was no
conflict in reporter Jeff Derderian's presenting a feature on club safety from a
club he partly owned.

"Neither The Station nor Jeff Derderian's partial ownership in the club
were the subject of the special feature on public safety. There was no plan to publicize or promote The Station nightclub in any way,"
the station said in a prepared statement, adding that the footage shot by Brian Butler
might be useful to investigators.

Both Derderian and Butler escaped the blaze.

Derderian, likely to face charges stemming from the fire, co-owns the club
with his brother.

He is currently on paid leave from WPRI-TV.