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WPP's Xaxis Bids Buyers to Look at Digital Like Broadcast

WPP's GroupM is branching out its media-buying platform Xaxis
in a bid take some of the share from TV. The firm is attempting to tie TV viewing
to other platforms to show consistency across audiences, with the goal of better
measuring cross-platform campaigns, according Ad Age.

Christina Beaumier, VP of product development with Xaxis,
says matching TV programming schedules to set-top box data from I-Behavior
(owned by WPP) will achieve that goal, the story said. Xaxis uses Nielsen Online Campaign
Ratings and comScore's Validated Campaign Essentials to measure audiences, according to the report.

Though the end goal of many marketers is to steal away
dollars from television, Beaumier said that "it's really about broadcast
dollars and spending them in a broadcast fashion, whether it be online or on
television," the report said.

A big question still looms, and that is whether to apply the
TV-centric GRP standard to digital video. Without an industry standard, clients
are left to guess, the story said.

"We owe it to our clients to figure it out....This is really
our problem," Beaumier said in the report.

Additionally, Xaxis will create TV network-inspired
video content in conjunction with 10 partners, according to the article. The inventory of video will be
available in the third quarter, according to Beaumier in the story.