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WPIX to Air Zapruder-Narrated JFK-Assassination Film

WPIX(TV) New York will air an exclusive version of Abraham Zapruder’s film of the assassination of John F. Kennedy featuring a voice-over from Zapruder. The narration will be heard publicly for the first time on tonight’s WB11 News at Ten.

The narrated version of the film combines the world-famous 26-second clip of the assassination in Dallas with a radio interview conducted by Marvin Scott in 1966, during which Zapruder described the events that unfolded in front of his camera.

While preparing a retrospective for the 40th anniversary of the shooting, Scott, now a WPIX senior correspondent, listened to the raw tape of the interview. "It was chilling listening to him describe the sequence of events. … I realized Zapruder’s words could fit [the film] almost frame for frame and provide an unforgettable narrative track."

Scott made a deal with The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which holds the copyright to the film. The museum let him use the clip for his report and he donated the raw 20-minute audiotape of the Zapruder interview.