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WOW Taps Erica Stull For P.R. Duties

Longtime cable communications representative Erica Stull starts today as manager of organizational communications at WideOpenWest, the Denver-based competitive triple-play provider, reporting to chief marketing officer Cathy Kuo.

Stull repped Adelphia Communications in 2003-2005 and was a corporate spokeswoman at Jones from 1985 to 1999, when the cable company was sold to Comcast. After leaving Adelphia (which was sold in 2006), she was vice president of community outreach at Colorado Public Radio.

Since 2008 she has worked independently, as Stull WordWorks, providing communications support to cable industry and other clients, including The Cable Center and Starz Entertainment.

In cable circles in Denver, she also is remembered as half of the song-adaption writing team (with the late Paul Braun) of "Positively Cable," the annual benefit for Cable Positive and HIV-related charities.