WOW Signs Onto Nrby’s App-Based Productivity Tools for Techs

Denver-based tier 2 operator WideOpenWest is the latest client win for Nrby, a Nashua, New Hampshire-based start-up building mobile-app-based productivity tools for telecom technicians.

According to Ron Miller, VP of product management for Nrby, WOW has been using its productivity apps in the field since the second quarter of last year. The apps, which run on the iOS and Android-based smart phones of field techs, provide operators with the ability to identify and repair potential network outages before they occur. They also offer technicians the ability to alert their peers of potential hazards.

For example, a tech might see a coax hanging low after a storm. He can pin the issue in the Nrby platform, notifying his broader group about it, and initiating a conversation as to whether it’s in fact a problem, and what might be done about it if it indeed must be fixed.

“It gives technicians a tool to report this information, and the ability to construct a workflow around it,” Miller told MCN.

This significant client win for Nrby comes after it has already secured an unnamed tier 1 telecom client. The company is also working with myriad smaller operators.

“With a tier 2 in place, we’ve completed the trifecta,” Miller quipped. 

Daniel Frankel

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