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WOW! Bumps Business Broadband Speeds

WOW! Business, the commercial services arm of WideOpenWest, said it has more than doubling Internet access speeds with new plans that deliver up to 110 Mbps downstream and 15 Mbps upstream.

The first phase of faster broadband options is initially being made available to businesses in Chicago, Cleveland and Columbus. WOW! Business said it will unleash the faster Internet speeds in additional markets in the first quarter of 2015.

In addition, WOW! Business has increased the speed of its $60 service from 15/2 Mbps to 30/5 Mbps and no longer requires bundled voice to receive the best pricing. WOW! Business also offers tiers of tiers of 8/1 Mbps and 60/5 Mbps.

“With twice as fast download speeds and three times as fast uploads, Chicago, Cleveland, and Columbus businesses in the WOW! Business service area can greatly improve their productivity and customer and employee experiences,” said Steve Gorman, vice president of product management for WOW!, in a statement. “Our new speeds also allow businesses that want to utilize the WOW! Business cloud backup and IaaS environment to realize faster connectivity.”