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Workers Group Targets Comcast

A workers' rights advocacy group, American Rights at Work, is releasing a report Wednesday charging Comcast with anti-union practices at various systems, including trying to de-unionize workers at systems it has purchased.

The group, which is less than a year old, is headed by Former Michigan House Democrat and minority whip David Bonior. The group's first report--last fall--was on nursing homes, so why is cable next in their sights?

Our intention is to look at a variety of industries and businesses and identify those with the most egregious track records," said a spokeswoman for the group. So why Comcast?

"Cable is a growing business," she said, "and Comcast is a leader."

Comcast spokesman Mike Weiss responded: “We believe employees should have the freedom to chose whether or not they work in a union environment and we invest in people with the belief that our company can only be as strong as our work force. Comcast has been a pro-employee, pro-wlorker company for 40 years. I haven’t seen this group’s report.”