MCNWW 2014: Women to Watch

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TITLE: Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Services, Time Warner Cable

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: Anderson is responsible for all elements of marketing and advertising for TWC’s fast-growing and highprofile Business Services unit, which includes Time Warner Cable Business Class and NaviSite.

HOMETOWN: Dayton, Ohio.

FIRST JOB: A high-end local clothing store where she sold men’s suits.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Current, Sleepy Hollow; all time, The Andy Griffith Show and The Brady Bunch

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “The realization that we actually are helping businesses by providing critical services they need to successfully run their companies.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Direct mail! And commuting; being away from my kids; never having enough time.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “From my early telecom years, two leaders come to mind: Michael Dennis and Herb Moorehead. Both highlighted the importance of strength through diversity, which I appreciated as one of the very few women in the business at the time.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “Always put the customer first — period. This has always been my motto and is a basic tenet at Time Warner Cable. From that, everything else falls into place.”


TITLE: Senior Vice President, Multimedia Sales, ESPN

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: A seasoned executive at ESPN/ABC Sports with more than 20 years with the company, she manages sales teams in New York, as well as the Chicago and Detroit offices. She also has overseen sales communications for ESPN customer marketing and sales. This includes go-to-market messaging, positioning ESPN beyond just a sports network or multimedia company, as a collection of audiences. Has led new innovative deals that incorporate the multiscreen nature of video. An active member of the Women’s Employee Resource group at ESPN.

HOMETOWN: Stoughton, Mass.

FIRST JOB: Research analyst at NBC

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:College GameDay, Modern Family, Mad Men

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Always learning something new.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Never seems like there is enough time.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “My first sales manager in the business was a Marine sergeant and Vietnam veteran. He was incredibly tough, but I learned a lot.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “Don’t look back. The best decisions are the ones you made because you made them.”


TITLE: Executive Vice President, Global Product Leadership, Nielsen

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: Since she joined Nielsen in 2004, Clarken has been intricately involved in shaping the strategy and execution of Nielsen’s digital product portfolio. She works closely alongside clients to identify and understand emerging needs and leads the development of Nielsen’s product and service offering, including the recent development of much-needed mobile and tablet measurement solutions. Earlier, she was on the founding team of Australian online publisher Ninemsn and served as chief technology officer at application service provider PeakHour.

HOMETOWN: New York (“But my home/home is Auckland, New Zealand.”)

FIRST JOB: Working the counter at her school “tuck shop” — donuts and pies.

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: “I like drama and good comedy.”

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Solving really hard problems with a team of really smart people.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Having to prioritize great ideas.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “I remember them all. I make sure that I learn something from everyone.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “In corporate life — learn how to take a deep breath.


TITLE: Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Comcast

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: As lead attorney for the Content Acquisition group, she provides legal support for programming and retransmission-consent agreements for all Comcast cable systems and for new-media rights and strategic multiplatform initiatives.

HOMETOWN: Philadelphia

FIRST JOB: Receptionist at America’s oldest fine-arts auction house (Freeman’s Auctioneers & Appraisers)

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:Mad Men, Episodes, Veep

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “The team I work with, both on the business side and the legal side. Everyone is smart, forward-thinking and not afraid to work really hard or draw upon creative solutions to reach the right answer.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: How long it takes to get a deal done.

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “My dad. At 14 years old, I could mow our lawn and have it looking better than our local golf course, and my dad’s emphasis on attention to detail and taking pride in my work has stuck with me through everything I do.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “Sometimes subtraction adds more than anything else. Always look for opportunities to simplify and subtract.”


TITLE: Senior Vice President, Law and Policy, Cox Communications

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: She oversees Cox’s compliance, legal operations, litigation, regulatory and corporate governmentaffairs teams. With Cox since 1997, she previously led telecommunications regulatory functions, including policy-making and strategic initiatives.


FIRST JOB: Lingerie clerk at a J.C. Penney

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:Scandal, The Good Wife, 60 Minutes

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “My company and its people. I love the Cox culture and the smart people I work with daily.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “The sheer volume of work and the fact that the legal landscape has not kept pace with technology’s evolution.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “Many for different reasons: Randy New for teaching me to always try to get to yes; Jim Hatcher for teaching me to learn a company’s culture; and Mark Bowser for teaching me to fully understand your company’s strategic direction, but to always do the right thing.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED. “Luck is not what enables success. Rather, luck is the intersection of opportunity and preparedness. And, when in doubt, simply do the right thing.”


TITLE: Executive Vice President, Original Series, Spike TV

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: Since she joined Spike in 2005, Levy has overseen the development of many of the network’s most ambitious and successful series, including Ink Master, Bar Rescue, Auction Hunters and Tattoo Nightmares.

HOMETOWN: East Meadow, N.Y.

FIRST JOB: At Eisenhower Park. “Working the tennis courts, handing out leisure passes and driving a battery operated boat around a lake overrun by geese.”

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:Game of Thrones, Homeland, The Wire, Falling Skies, Downton Abbey, Dancing With the Stars

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Watching my team put their heart and souls into making great entertainment.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “That I can’t live on Kauai while doing it. Otherwise nothing.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: Kevin Kay and Doug Herzog. “They lead with dignity, humor and trust.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. “This is so true when it comes to production. You have to be flexible [and] remember that our greatest asset is our ability to adapt and think on our feet, even if it feels like all is going to pot.”


TITLE: Senior Vice President, Domestic Distribution and Partner Marketing, Discovery Communications

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: Menzel, who joined Discovery in 2012 from Current Media (after 14 years at MTV Networks), leads the National Accounts and Field Sales and Marketing efforts for the programmer’s Domestic Distribution team. She’s responsible for the strategic oversight and distribution of a portfolio of 13 U.S. networks, nine HD channels and all Discovery U.S. Hispanic networks.

HOMETOWN: Larchmont, N.Y.

FIRST JOB: “It was quite glamorous: working the snack bar at our local swim and tennis club.”

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:Downton Abbey, Homeland, House of Cards, Scandal, Modern Family

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB. “The people in our industry — many have become close personal friends over the years.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB. “Getting up in the morning!”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES. “I’ve been lucky to work for many great bosses — both men and women. Viacom had a lot of incredibly smart and talented female executives who taught me so much about the industry and were a real source of inspiration and motivation.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “Be true to yourself and you will never fail.”


TITLE: Chief Marketing Officer, National Geographic Channels U.S.

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: She manages the NGC brands (National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild) and all aspects of marketing — including brand strategy, creative, consumer marketing, digital platforms, social media, partnership marketing and adsales marketing. Previously, she was marketing chief at HBO.

HOMETOWN: Bethesda, Md.

FIRST JOB: Assistant account executive, BBDO New York

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:Homeland, The Newsroom, Master Chef Junior (with her kids)

LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “The opportunity to work with an amazing team of people on an iconic brand.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “The sheer volume and pace of work in today’s world doesn’t allow for enough time to really think. Need more hours in the day!”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “My very first boss at BBDO, Sue Haxager, was a real role model for me as a senior female executive and as an exemplary manager of people.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “From my father, right before I started my very first job: ‘The latest you should ever be to a meeting is on time.’ (I need to follow it more!)”


TITLE: General Manager, Home Category, Scripps Networks Interactive

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: After serving as a senior programming executive at Food Network and Cooking Channel, she was elevated in November to her current post, where she oversees programming and scheduling teams at HGTV, DIY Network, Great American Country and associated websites and digital properties. Before joining Scripps in 2001, she worked at independent production companies on programs for Discovery Channel, A&E and Lifetime, and was an associate producer at CBS News Sunday Morning.

HOMETOWN: Knoxville, Tenn.

FIRST JOB: Substitute bank teller

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:Teen Mom, Breaking Bad, Project Runway, Love It or List It, Chopped

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Developing strategy, defining a brand and creating shows.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “When a good show doesn’t find an audience quickly.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “Three women have been and are models of who I want to be. Judy Girard: inspiring, challenging, nurturing, appreciative and direct. Brooke Johnson: wicked smart, doesn’t waste time, clear and no BS. Kathleen Finch: a model, a mentor, a great team leader and incredibly effective.”



TITLE: Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, General Counsel, General Communication Inc.

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: A leader among Alaska’s tightly-knit group of female executives, Pidgeon manages GCI’s 20-person legal and regulatory department and is responsible for developing and implementing the cable operator’s overall federal, state and local legislative and regulatory strategy. Also responsible for managing all corporate legal issues.

HOMETOWN: Anchorage, Alaska, with extended stops along the way in Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; and Macon, Ga.

FIRST JOB: Field coordinator for a 1990 congressional campaign

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:The Killing, Scandal, Paw Patrol

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Encountering something new every day and developing creative solutions with outof- the box thinkers.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “Having more initiatives to tackle than time permits.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “Ron Duncan, CEO and co-founder of GCI, who succeeds by knowing the technology, understanding the multidimensional nature of issues and instilling a spirit of competition and innovation in everything GCI does.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “From my dad: ‘Keep up!’ From my mom: ‘Don’t worry about what you can’t control.’ I’m still working on following both!”


TITLE: Senior Vice President, Operations, Engineering and Production Planning, CBS Sports

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: She’s a problem-solver, a logistics supervisor, a crisis manager and more. Power oversees operations for both CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of operations for CBS Sports’ broadcast and cable properties.

HOMETOWN: Garden City, N.Y. FIRST JOB: Secretary (when they were still called that) in Sports Technical Operations at NBC Sports

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:Homeland, The Good Wife, That Other Pregame Show (TOPS)

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “The people and working with so many talented professionals at all levels of the organization.”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB. “When something happens during a remote event that is out of your control.”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “I’ve had so many great bosses over the years and learned from all of them. They were all extremely bright, strong leaders and motivators who allowed me to grow and put me in a position to succeed.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED. “Embrace change and don’t shy away from taking a risk!”


TITLE: Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, HSN

WHY WE’RE WATCHING: She oversees the electronic retailer’s finance, information technology, customer care, facilities, supply chain and logistics, corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions departments, as well as affiliate relations. In the financial realm, she is responsible for treasury, financial planning and analysis, accounting, tax and investor relations. She assumed the dual COO/CFO role in May 2013, having been CFO since 2001.

HOMETOWN: Tallahassee, Fla.

FIRST JOB: Greeter at the local Burger Chef in Tallahassee

FAVORITE TV SHOW:The Big Bang Theory. “I just love watching geeks be cool and funny!”

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: The fast-paced, live, 24/7 television network. “It’s fun here!”

WHAT SHE DISLIKES MOST ABOUT HER JOB: “As corny as it sounds, I can’t think of anything!”

MOST MEMORABLE BOSSES: “HSN CEO Mindy Grossman stands out as most admired for her vision, inspiration, work ethic and drive to succeed. She brings out the best in me!”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “Focus on what is right for the company, not for yourself or any other individual — everything else will take care of itself in the end.”