WOAI(TV) apologizes for nonstory

WOAI(TV) San Antonio, Texas, drew the ire of competitor KENS-TV for an
erroneous report that KENS-TV anchor Joe Reinagel had been arrested at his
station March 7 on a traffic warrant and taken away in handcuffs.

Although there had been a warrant issued, Reinagel paid the fines and was not

In fact, he was not working that day and was not at the station.

The station retracted the story shortly afterward and apologized.

WOAI spokesman Greg Derkowski said the information came to the station from
sources the news staff believed were credible.

"The newsroom is reviewing its own checks and balances," he added.

Angry managers at KENS-TV did not appear mollified, saying WOAI had solid
sources that refuted the story before it ran and that it played up the story
while playing down the apology.