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WNET Lines Up Russert and Gore for Conference

Noncommercial WNET and co-owned WLIW New York have lined up Current TV co-founder Al Gore
and current Sunday TV staple Tim Russert to speak at its two-day March conference, "The
Celebration of Teaching & Learning."

The conference will focus on global awareness and science and is a combination of
professional development and a pep rally for for teachers. It is also a chance for
administrators, school board members and policymakers to talk about the future
of the next generation in schools, K-12.

The stations launched the conference last year and it will likely become an annual event.
WNET spokeswoman Lisa Batchelder says that a number of other noncommercial stations have expressed
interest in launching similar conferences in their home markets.

Prices vary, but the early-bird registration, which ends at the end of this month, is $150 a
day or $275 for both days. Those who register early are entered in a drawing for a 10-day
trip to Europe for three colleagues and a dozen students.

Last year's conference drew 7,000 people and  the same or more anticipated for this year.