WNDS goes with LPM

With only days to go before the May sweeps launch of Nielsen Media
Research's local people meters in the Boston market, one station broke
ranks Monday and agreed to subscribe to the service.

Nielsen said WNDS(TV) -- based in Derry, N.H., but part of the No. 6 Boston
DMA -- reached an agreement with the ratings service.

Other Boston stations have eschewed the service, preferring no local relationship with Nielsen,
now that the standard meter-and-diary system will be eliminated in favor
of the LPMs.

The stations complained that the service is unproven and flawed.

In addition, LPM testing has shown lower overall viewership for broadcast
television and lower ratings for Boston's major stations.

Cable's New England Cable News, New England Sports Network and AT&T Broadband
have signed up for the service, along with local and national ad agencies, which pay a fraction of what a broadcast or cable channel would pay.

WNDS is owned by CTV of Derry Inc.