Winkler, Levitt join Squares

King World Productions hired two new executive producers for Hollywood Squares --
veteran actor/director/producer Henry Winkler (best known for his role as Fonzie
on Happy Days) and producer Michael Levitt.

The pair will replace the outgoing John Moffit and Pat Lee.

Winkler's TV credits include MacGyver and Fox/Sci Fi Channel's

Levitt has produced a slew of entertainment specials, including The
Billboard Music Awards
from 1997 through 2001.

"This is incredibly exciting," CBS Enterprises and King World CEO
Roger King said. "Nobody knows the classic format of Hollywood Squares
better than we do and, with the addition of the Winkler/Levitt team's expertise
in talent relations, writing and producing, the show's going to be more fun to
watch than ever."