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Wilson Promoted to Tribune Revenue Chief

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Tribune Broadcasting president Ed Wilson has added Tribune Company chief revenue officer to his business card, overseeing the beleaguered company’s publishing, broadcasting and interactive revenues. He remains president of broadcasting, overseeing 23 stations. His promotion is effective immediately.

“In the ten months he’s been here, Ed has rebuilt Tribune Broadcasting and completely changed its culture,” said Tribune COO Randy Michaels. “His eye for talent and his determination have created an environment that rewards innovation and hard work, and delivers results for our advertising customers—I’m confident he’ll have the same impact across the rest of the company.”

Tribune announced last week it was declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure its massive load of debt.

Wilson was president of the Fox Television Network from 2004 to 2008. He vows to better leverage Tribune’s multiple platforms for the benefit of advertisers. “We’ve really stepped up our sales efforts this year and we’re seeing solid results, but we’ve got to do even more for our advertisers,” said Wilson. “That means developing new products and new, innovative ways of reaching audiences across all our platforms—internet, broadcasting and print. It means being aggressive and smart.”

Wilson was born and raised in Rison, Ark. Tribune acknowledged Wilson’s reputation for long workdays by saying he will also “man the night-owl shift at the Starbucks down the street from Tribune Tower.” Wilson vowed to contribute part of his barista earnings to Tribune “as a way of kick-starting new-revenue generation.”