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Will & Grace, NBC Locked in Catfight

While the characters on NBC’s Will & Grace are usually snarky and shallow, at least they get along. Not so for NBC and Will & Grace’s creators, David Kohan and Max Mutchnik.

On Wednesday, NBC filed a promised countersuit against the two, alleging breach of contract, breach of good faith and fraud.

Last December, Kohan and Mutchnik filed suit against the network, accusing NBC and NBC Studios of self-dealing. NBC Studios produces Will & Grace for the network.

In its countersuit, NBC disagrees, saying that Kohan and Mutchnik purposely stayed out of renewal talks in 2002.

"Driven by greed," the suit says, "Mutchnik, Kohan, and their attorneys, agents, and handlers hatched a plan to, at all costs, squeeze every last dollar for themselves out of Will &Grace. [They] were interested only in creating an illusion of cooperation, when in fact, they were totally uncooperative, duplicitious, and guilty of shameless self-dealing in the process."