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Will DTM save trips to ATM?

Net Insight AB, a Swedish company with offices in Pittsburgh, has developed a
media-transport technology -- dynamic synchronous transfer mode, or DTM -- that
it said will save broadcasters money compared with similar
asynchronous-transfer-mode service by allowing the distribution of more than one
signal (or both a program and data) over a single optical connection.

Fiber networks using DTM enable high-quality, uncompressed video, audio and
data transmissions across town or across the country in real time, the company

Net Insight conducted a live, contained demo of its DTM network with Fox
Sports Net in Pittsburgh during several of the final Pittsburgh Pirates Major
League Baseball home games in September.

A sustained rate of 270 megabits per second between the Fox studios and PNC
Park (about one mile away) was achieved, including uncompressed digital video
and Internet-protocol data, according to vice president of marketing John

The company is targeting broadband- and network-service providers like
Williams Communications, Vyvx Broadband Media and QMedia.