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WICT Wants You To Enlist In 'Cable Boot Camp'

Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT), in partnership with The Cable Center, today announced that they will present "Cable Boot Camp and Beyond" next month at The Cable Center in Denver.

The two-day primer, Sept. 22-23, takes participants through the business models, regulatory landscape, financial metrics and technology products that define and drive the cable telecommunications industry.
Priced at $795, Cable Boot Camp and Beyond will be taught by industry veterans Dick Clark and Carol Vernon, Bill Dorman of The Cable Center and Dr. Ron Rizzuto, senior fellow at The Cable Center and professor at the University of Denver. Attendees will receive two of the industry's indispensable resources: Definitive Broadband by Leslie Ellis and Relentless: Bill Daniels and the Triumph of Cable TV by Stephen Singular
"We are pleased to present Cable Boot Camp and Beyond in concert with The Cable Center," said WICT vice president of education and program development Laura Root. "Participants will gain an understanding of technology essentials including HSI, VOIP and Switched Digital, and will boost their strategic insight by grappling with current industry challenges in a case study environment."
Noted The Cable Center senior vice president of programs and education Jana Henthorn: "The program is ideally suited for those with less than three years in the industry, those embarking on a new discipline or those seeking an in-depth industry refresher. This comprehensive program accelerates a participant's performance curve by developing a solid industry foundation."
More information is available