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WHUT(TV) will run Rukeyser

Washington, D.C.-based public station WHUT(TV) is one of the noncommercial stations that
will air Louis Rukeyser's new business show following its initial CNBC airing,
despite discouraging words from PBS head Pat Mitchell to all PBS stations
regarding the show.

"It's a good show," said the station's new general manager, Adam Clayton

People had been contacting the station for information on where they could
watch Rukeyser, said Powell, who began running the station only last week, and
he decided that they should continue to watch the longtime business-news broadcaster
on WHUT.

Powell said he intended no disrespect toward Mitchell or PBS, but he noted
that his station takes less of the PBS feed than do most public stations, and
it has greater programming needs.

Also, far from potentially weakening PBS' new Wall Street Week with
-- as Mitchell suggested in her memo to PBS-station
executives -- Powell said the shows will complement each other and he plans
to run them together as a business-news bloc Saturday evenings and Monday