Wholesale Triple Play from Verizon, DirecTV

DirecTV Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. are teaming up to create a triple-play bundle -- voice, digital subscriber line and video -- for the telco’s wholesale customers to sell, officials said Wednesday.

Under the agreement, telecommunications-service providers that use Verizon's “Wholesale Advantage” voice and selected high-speed-data services can also receive DirecTV direct-broadcast satellite service and sell all three offerings to consumers at a competitive price in an effort to compete against cable.

"The agreement demonstrates wholesale telephony's progress as an industry since the Federal Communications Commission allowed providers to enter into commercial agreements for many wholesale services last year," Verizon Partner Solutions president David Small said.

Verizon Partner Solutions serves wholesale customers, selling networks and network capabilities to long-distance providers, local-service providers, wireless carriers, integrators, Internet-service providers and international telecommunications carriers based in the United States.

Verizon has been selling DirecTV’s service to its own customers as part of a triple-play bundle for roughly two years.

With this new pact, the regional Bell operating company expects to make a triple-play bundle available to its wholesale customers -- a roster of more than 3,000 at locations across the country -- in July. Wholesalers must buy Verizon's Wholesale Advantage voice services to qualify for the package discount.

Terms of the agreement between Verizon and DirecTV weren’t disclosed.

"The triple-play offer for wholesalers enables DirecTV to reach a new segment of customers with an attractive array of services that will more effectively compete with the local cable provider,” John Suranyi, president of DirecTV sales and service, said in a prepared statement.

“Consumers have been responding favorably to the superior choice, value and quality offered by the Verizon/DirecTV service bundle, and we believe Verizon wholesalers will find they now have an offer that will invigorate their market," he added.