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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! He's a Lady

Would you cross-dress for $250,000?

On upcoming reality show He's a Lady, recently rebranded "very funny" network TBS offers 11 men's men a shot at a quarter of a million dollars if they get makeovers to experience life as a woman's woman.

But there's yet another twist: To make sure the testosterone level his sky high, the men are recruited by being told they are signing on to a show called All American Man on which they'll compete in physical challenges.

SC Johnson is sponsoring the show, which begins Oct. 12, and some of its products, like Edge Shaving Gel (chins or legs, we wonder?), Ziploc and Oust, will be featured in the episodes.

He's a Lady, is produced by Evolution Film & Tape and Doug Ross and Tom Campbell are executive producers.