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Who Wants to Date a Hooters Girl?

Mercury Entertainment

For male viewers, the question mark is optional. And if Lions Gate's hunches are right, its debut syndicated strip Who Wants to Date a Hooters Girl?
should have definite staying power.

"By creating a good show with enormous name identification value and let's face it, the name Who Wants to Date a Hooters Girl?
does get attention we really came upon a dynamite combination," notes Alan Winters, vice president and general manager of Fisher Entertainment, which is jointly producing the project with Lions Gate.

Winters believes the show is more than just a snazzy title, adding that Fisher and Lions Gate were able to attract executive producers Doug Schwartz (creator of Baywatch) and Singled Out
alumni Bert Wheeler and Sharon Sussman. In another boost to the show, the Hooters restaurant chain, famous for its revealingly dressed waitresses, is expected to pony up $10 million in promotional efforts to help attract viewers (and customers).

The half-hour series, hosted by comic George Gray, pits six guys against each other competing to win a date with a Hooters waitress.

Sure, this seems like heaven for guys, but where's the fun for the female viewers?

"There was no question more important to us in developing the format than how not to alienate women," Winters acknowledges. "I think they'll be intrigued by guys making fools of themselves."

Show: Who Wants To Date A Hooters Girl?

Studio/Distributor: Lions Gate Television, Fisher Entertainment/Mercury Entertainment

Clearance: N/A

Barter: 3.5/3.5

Debut: Fall 2001