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Wheel 's Sajak moonlights on radio

Sajak Broadcasting Corp., owned by Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak,
will begin operating radio station 1590-AM in Ocean City, Md., Dec. 1, Sajak said Wednesday.

He has entered into a local marketing agreement with the station's owner,
Radio Broadcasting Corp., with intent to buy.

Sajak intends to revamp the station's format, which will be unveiled Dec. 26, although he isn't revealing details about the new format.

From Dec. 1 through 26, the station will broadcast continuous Christmas
music "as a gift to the community," according to Sajak's statement.

Sajak Broadcasting also runs 1430 WNAV(AM) in nearby Annapolis,
Md. Stephen Hopp, that station's general manager, will run both WNAV(AM)
and 1590-AM.