WGA President Out

Charles Holland, for a brief time president of the Writer's Guild of America West, resigned last week.

Holland had been dogged by questions about the accuracy of claims about his military service and athletic background ever since he assumed presidency of the guild in early January.

"Though members lack motivation to have me removed, deep misgivings and substantial concerns lie in the minds of a great many members," Holland said in a statement. "I am now persuaded that the personal aspersions cast upon me will continue and that they will distract our Guild's focus, hindering our negotiating position."

Holland resigns just as the guild prepares to go into contract negotiations with the studios. The most controversial issue in the negotiations will be  residuals for work on DVDs, with guild members possibly willing to strike over it.

Daniel Petrie, Jr., will become the guild's third president in less than three months. Petrie knows the territory. He served as president from 1997-99, vice president twice before, and a board member in 1994-95.

Holland was named WGAW president after Victoria Riskin was forced to resign. Riskin was determined to have been ineligible to run after she had already won a second term. Previously, Holland had been vice president.