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WFMZ Chooses Quantel

WFMZ Allentown, Pa., has added Quantel’s "generationQ" video server and newsroom editing technology to its facility as it converts to an all-digital news plant.

The system will also link the station with its Reading bureau 30 miles away.

Brian DeWalt, chief engineer for WFMZ, says Quantel’s Frame Magic feature will greatly simplify file management, a key concern in digital facilities. "Other systems we reviewed created a logistical nightmare for keeping track of files. With Frame Magic unused digitized video can be deleted without the loss of relevant video and audio, allowing us to run as lean as we want with our server."

Also important was that generationQ easily integrates with the station’s existing newsroom and scripting systems. The WFMZ purchase includes one six-port sQ server, four of the newly launched QEdit edit/ingest stations–two each in Reading and Allentown–and a mixture of 14 QCut and QView workstations for journalists, editors, and producers.

The station says that its journalists will ingest and edit material at both its Allentown studio and Reading bureau, the two being joined seamlessly by IP and microwave links in a revision of the Split Remote system pioneered by Quantel last year.