Wet T-shirt Tell-All

You’ve got to give it to the news outfit at WOIO Cleveland: They actually dreamed up a sweeps-month stunt that managed to be inspirational and yet still conjure images of women without their clothes on.

During the November sweeps, as you might recall, anchor Sharon Reed, sparked headlines when she participated in a nude art project and shared the experience—along with a few fleeting glimpses of her in the buff—with viewers.

Keeping her clothes on, Reed sat down last week for a heart-to-heart with a female journalist whose own wardrobe misadventures weren’t quiet so well-received by management.

Reed interviewed Catherine Bosley, the former WKBN Youngstown anchor who lost her job last year when  nude photos surfaced on the Internet of her participation in a wet T-shirt contest while vacationing in Florida on her first weeind anniversary.

But the interview wasn’t just an opportunity to match up two female journalists who’ve got some notoriety for public nudity; Reed was reporting for WOIO’s ongoing series “Shattered Lives, Second Chances.”

Bosley, it turns out, is back on the air in Youngstown—albeit on radio, doing the morning show for WYFM. “This is a comeback story,” says Reed. And, indeed, the report didn’t include any racy images, according to news director Steve Doerr: “The wags will be very disappointed.” Maybe they’ll perk up for another WOIO sweeps story: how to get a beach body in 10 days.