Wegener Renews With Mega Hertz

Wegener Corp. said it renewed a $1.8 million distributor agreement with Mega Hertz for exclusive access to cable industry related products sold to U.S. cable operators.

Products include Wegener’s series of DTV digital signal processors and Unity 4600 professional satellite receivers. The two companies have had a distribution relationship for more than 20 years, they said.

Mega Hertz is a value-added reseller of multi-vendor solutions that support deployment of advanced video technologies over fiber and coax-based broadband and IP networks. It’s focused on marketing and integrating multi-vendor solutions to support digital cable operations across the United States.

Wegener COO Ned Mountain said in a release: "More and more HD programming is becoming available every month, and the price of HD-ready consumer devices continues to fall. The stage is set for us to see increased opportunities to sell our digital TV signal processing equipment and satellite receivers to cable operators through Mega Hertz's established nationwide sales network."