Web Series Sends ’16 Candidates Into Space

If you’re a fan of 1990s films Armageddon and Deep Impact — both of which deal with the impending destruction of Earth by a giant asteroid, unless its destroyed by a team of human heroes — Univision Digital’s newest Web series may just be for you.

If you’d like to send all of the 2016 presidential candidates into outer space on that mission, then that series — Heads of Space — is tailor-made hilarity.

The 12-episode animated short-form series debuted Feb. 16 at HeadsOfSpace.com. It was developed by Plop, a Latin American digital production company that specializes in political satire, in partnership with Univision Digital’s recently launched Udisea platform. All episodes are in English with Spanish-language subtitles.

Heads of Space follows the intergalactic adventures of 2016 presidential aspirants Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, in addition to former candidate Jeb Bush. The six politicians are sent to Mars by President Obama to ensure the survival of the human race by stopping a gargantuan asteroid from destroying Earth. The sextet is on a small ship piloted by “Rotus.”

The episodes will follow the timeline of the 2016 presidential elections and comment on real political events taking place through Nov. 8, Election Day in the U.S.

“We’re thrilled to launch this innovative web series that gives our digital audience a truly funny look at the presidential candidates in a completely unexpected setting,” Kevin Mills, Univision Communications’s vice president of news strategies and initiatives, said. “The Heads of Space project is the most recent step in UCI’s ongoing strategy of expanding the quantity and variety of our digital content targeted to an increasingly diverse audience. Given that our multicultural and millennial audiences over-index in the use of mobile platforms and online video consumption, the series’ format was especially designed for easy viewing and sharing on mobile devices and social media. We also know that these particular audiences love satire, so this story is sure to engage them with its biting humor and direct connection to the actual course of the political campaigns.”

In addition to uploading new episodes of the series each week, HeadsOfSpace.com will feature new, shareable content each day, including news, infographics and interactive stories reflecting the day-to-day developments of the real presidential campaign.