Web-Only Novela Serves More Than 2 Million

Vidas cruzadas, Univision.com's online-only telenovela, generated more than 2 million video streams through Sept. 15, making it one of the three most-watched online properties ever,
the network said.

The 15-episode telenovela,
produced by Endemol and Amistad Productions,
wrapped up its run this week (Sept. 16). The online property,
which premiered August 12, was supported by a dedicated microsite featuring
behind-the-scenes videos, photos, forums and blogs and featured main sponsors
including L'Oreal, State Farm and McDonald's.

Although it is still early to
measure results, State Farm advertising director Ed Gold said Vidas cruzadas (Crossed Lives) has given the insurance firm a "fantastic
opportunity" to send its message to Spanish-language speakers and helped it
stand out in the crowded space of insurance products. (In Vidas cruzadas the main character, played by Kate del Castillo, has
an uncle who works as a State Farm insurance executive and vows to make sure she'll have a healthy future.)

The online drama also provided
McDonald's and L'Oreal with plenty of product-placement opportunities in the
form of not-too-subtle close-ups and references to McCafé drinks and L'Oreal's
Excellence hair coloring.

Vidas was Univision.com's second foray into online
short-form entertainment. Univision in 2007 partnered with Unilever's Caress soap
to launch Mi adorada malena, an
interactive miniseries starring former Miss Puerto Rico Cynthia Olavarría.