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Wealthier Homes Adding HD Sets

The rate of homes having at least one HD-capable television keeps rising -- to one out of six -- with higher-income homes continuing to lead the way, a new survey indicated.

Leichtman Research Group said the mean annual income of an HDTV household is 42% above the nationwide average, and 26% of households with annual incomes of more than $50,000 have HD sets, compared with 7% of households with annual incomes below $50,000.

The survey, of 1,300 households across the country, found that the higher the annual income, the more likely to have an HD set. In the more-than-$100,000 income category, 38% had HDTV sets, Durham, N.H.-based LRG said.

Also:26% of HDTV owners have more than one such set, up from 11% a year ago; and 29% of HDTV owners are likely to get another one in the next year, up from 18% a year ago.