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WE tv to Move Into the Ugliest House on the Block

WE tv will premiere original series Ugliest House on the Block in January, the women's cable network said Monday.

The six one-hour episodes will take a page or two from ABC's Extreme Makeover, including featuring a Trading Spaces veteran, Leslie Segrete (Makeover has Ty Pennington), and a reveal at the end of each show.

The series features a remodeling/rebuilding team, including Segrete, who turn an eyesore into an eye catcher to the delight of the embarrassed homeowner and neighbors concerned about their property values.

While the Extreme Makeover folks shoot for the Biblical seven days for their home creations, the Ugliest crew will do it in four.

The weekly series, which is from North South Productions, premieres Friday, Jan. 4 at 10 p.m.