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WCCO Captures Flag Story

A total of 17 Viacom Inc. stations are picking up co-owned WCCO Minneapolis' documentary on the last living flag-raiser on Iwo Jima.

The half-hour documentary, about hometown hero Corporal Chuck Lindberg, airs Feb, 23, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the flag-raising. The flag was the first raised over Japanese territory in the war and the staged picture of its raising  became one of the most recognized war images in history, as well as the basis for a memorial in Washington.

The documentary was produced by Tom Aviles, Lino Rulli, and Davis Schechter
The majority of the stations picking up The Last Flagraiser will  air it sometime next week. WCCO will also re-air the show Feb. 26 at noon, as well as on Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, May 28, at noon).The station has created a web site,, which contains airdates, information about the making of the documentary, and curriculum information for schools.