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WCBS names Doctor news director

There were still more key changes in CBS station management Monday, as the group replaced
Joel Cheatwood as WCBS-TV news director with Dianne Doctor,  who has been
news director at Swanson's former shop, top-rated WNBC(TV).

The station group said Cheatwood will continue with the group overseeing news
research and special projects -- a job description likely to continue the
speculation about Cheatwood's future with the group that began when Swanson took

WCBS-TV general manager Lew Leone -- who only last month left the NBC group
along with new Viacom Inc. executive vice president Dennis Swanson, who had been
Doctor's GM at WNBC -- called Doctor "a proven news executive who
played a key role in leading NewsChannel 4 to the top of the ratings in New

Since Swanson's defection to CBS, WNBC had brought back Dan Forman as station
manager with news oversight  -- he had left the station to run news at

Sources at WNBC had said at the time, though, that Doctor and Forman had
worked well together in the past and that Forman's return would not cause Doctor
to leave.