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WCarey motors to Detroits WXYZ-TV

Bill Carey, former news director at WCBS-TV New York, has joined Scripps Howard's WXYZ-TV Detroit as news director. Carey had left the New York station to work at Internet news site Zatso, but that company closed recently. Before WCBS-TV , Carey was managing editor at CBS-owned WBBM-TV Chicago. "Bill brings with him proven news leadership skills and experience, a winning attitude and sound journalistic decision making," said Grace Gilchrist, station vice president and general manager. He replaces Al Upchurch, who left the job suddenly, citing job-related stress and a too-heavy workload.

Carey said he enjoyed his foray into personal newscasts delivered via the Internet, but that the company ran into financial problems. He is now happy to be with Scripps, "a progressive company that embraces new technology and new media," Carey said. "I have the opportunity to work at the flagship station and still keep a hand in new media. [At Zatso] if we had launched two years ago, people would have thrown money at us. If we launched two years from now, we probably would have been successful. That's where the future is. But timing is everything."