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WBZ-TV Pops for Soundmirror

When WBZ-TV Boston turned to Soundmirror Studios to handle the video and audio recording of the recently held Boston Pops Christmas Show, the station had one request: Can we do it without an audio truck to save some money?

Faced with that challenge Soundmirror Studios president John Newton turned to Sony's SIU 100 interface unit. Introduced at AES last September the Boston Pops project was the first official professional event that used the system.

The interface unit talks to the audio console (in this case a Sony DMXR100) via multichannel audio interface fiber or coaxial cable. With the system, Newton says he was able to remotely control 48 microphone pre-amplifiers and converters from an extra room at Boston's Symphony Hall.

Newton says everything went well once rehearsals were completed and potential problems were fixed.

"Without the interface, we would have needed tons of copper wire to route the mikes and every time someone changed it would get more complicated," says Newton.