WBBM-TV med reporter canned

WBBM-TV Chicago ousted its medical reporter, Dr. Michael Breen, Friday
following exposure by the Chicago Sun-Times that he'd been recycling reports.

A viewer wrote veteran TV columnist Robert Feder of her suspicion that Breen
had used old material in an October report.

Feder had reported in the summer that Breen had used an old interview without
updating it or identifying it as dated.

The station called it an oversight, but apparently warned Breen.

Feder says he had not seen the October story, and asked the station about it.

Although WBBM-TV would only confirm that Breen is no longer with the station,
the exit followed closely Feder's contact regarding the later incident.

Breen, who has three years left on his contract, has reportedly retained a
lawyer and is considering suing the CBS-owned station.