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WB, Verizon Team Up for Smallville

The WB Television Network is partnering with Verizon Wireless to promote
its highest-rated show, Smallville.

Under terms of the deal, Verizon Wireless will deliver exclusive
Smallville content -- such as polls, alerts, trivia and photos -- to
its customers.

The promotion ends with a sweepstakes, and viewers can
enter the contest at

Prizes will include a trip for two to the Smallville set in Vancouver,
British Columbia; a Verizon Wireless "VX6000" camera phone with a $100 Verizon Wireless gift
certificate; and Smallville’s first season on DVD.

The promotion will lead into the show’s third season premiere Oct. 1 at 8

The WB has been aggressive in developing relationships with corporate
partners, working in close concert with PepsiCo Inc. on this summer’s Pepsi
and last Sunday night’s Pepsi Play for a Billion.