WB signs product-placement deal

New Orleans -- The WB Television Network has signed its first product-placement deal for
hit show
Smallville, which will take effect with
episodes coming up in the second half of the current season.

Bruce Rosenblum, executive vice president of television, for Warner Bros.,
disclosed the deal during a panel session at the National Association of Television Programming Executives' conference Tuesday, but he declined to
identify the advertiser or any other details at deadline.

He described the deal as a 'small experiment' that Warner Bros. is doing to
test product-placement effectiveness.

During the panel, Rosenblum said product-placement opportunities abound
in reality shows like American Idol: Search for a Superstar and Survivor, but
it's much more of a challenge to integrate them 'seamlessly' in a scripted
comedy or drama in a way that doesn't distract or offend