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WB, Pepsi team up for $1B contest

Drink Pepsi and win a billion bucks.

OK, it's not quite that simple, but the pop-drink maker, The WB Television Network and Michael
Davies are conspiring to up the stakes exponentially in the game-show jackpot
arena, with a two-hour contest where the winner could --emphasis
on the could (however unlikely) -- win $1 billion.

The idea is to have potential contestants be on the look out for specially
marked PepsiCo Inc. products all summer long.

Those who get the winning bottles or cans get a shot to go on the show,
planned as a live two-hour event in September.

Then maybe, just maybe, the winner might win $1 billion.

Pepsi is said to be seeking an insurer willing to cover it if, in fact, a
contestant actually wins.

There was no comment from The WB at deadline.