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The WB Gives Pepsi Second Smash

The WB is bringing back live-concert show Pepsi Smash for a second summer run.

This year, Clear Channel joins the project, providing venues from around the country for performances.

"The Pepsi brand connects with teens and young adults all over the world through music," said WB Executive VP of Media Sales Bill Morningstar.

"Our brands are a perfect fit with a history of defining pop culture and a generation. Adding Clear Channel as a partner is a tremendous coup, as they are the premiere force on the American music landscape."

The second season also will include an interactive component called "Smash Off," which will have viewers vote on which band they would like to see again. With votes conducted separately on the East and West Coast, some shows could have different finales, depending on which band wins the day.

Joel Gallen of Tenth Planet Productions will again executive produce the show, which starts its eight-week run Thursday, May 27, at 8 p.m.