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WB: Creek dry, back to School

While The WB Television Network's new reality series, High School
, will be back for another run, longtime staple Dawson's Creek
will go off the air after this season, the network said.

The WB has also picked up two more drama pilots for fall, bringing its total
to 10.

High School Reunion, produced by Mike Fleiss' Next Entertainment, airs
Sundays at 9 p.m. and Thursdays at 8 p.m. to record-setting ratings in the time

The next go-round will feature classmates from the class of 1993 at Round
Rock High School in Austin, Texas. Production on seven episodes begins this
spring for a show likely to air next fall.

Meanwhile, Dawson's Creek, a staple of The WB for the past five years,
will come to a close after a two-hour series finale May 14.

The show, produced by Sony Pictures Television, remains The WB's No. 2
program in adults 18 through 34 behind 7th Heaven. The contracts for the
show's young stars, all of whom have been making feature films, are up in

Finally, The WB has given pilot commitments to Jerry Bruckheimer Television's
Fearless and Tolling-Robbins' Raven.

Fearless is about a woman with no fear gene who becomes an FBI agent.
Raven is about two estranged brothers who live in the same town and fall
in love with the same woman.