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Watchwith, Moat Forge Ad Pact

Watchwith has struck a deal with marketing analytics firm Moat to measure and authenticate in-program advertising.

Moat said the integration will expand on its measurement capabilities to include Watchwith in-programming advertising for desktop and mobile video apps.  Under that arrangement, it will report on the aggregate audience time spent with advertiser messages while viewing a video and other details on how users are interacting with the in-program ads.

The partnership follows Watchwith recent launch of an in-program ad platform for IP-capable  set-tops, smart TVs and mobile devices, holding that it could open up a new revenue stream for programmers.NBCU’s Bravo is among the early adopters  of the new in-program ad capability. Other Watchwith customers include CBSi, Fox Broadcasting and Viacom.

“The video ad landscape is increasingly complex, with brand engagement happening in different ways, on various devices and platforms, and it’s important that Moat is aligned with the companies enabling these new ad experiences,” said Jonah Goodhart, co-founder and chief executive officer of Moat. “Our partnership with Watchwith ensures we can capture in-program activity from the TV networks and top-tier publishers”

“As TV networks introduce advanced ad products like Watchwith, the industry needs a third-party system to verify viewer engagement no matter where or how it takes place,” added Watchwith CEO Zane Vella. “Now advertisers can buy in-program advertising with even greater confidence”