Watch: 12 Takeaways From MCN's Wonder Women Class of 2018

Representing all segments of the pay TV ecosphere, the honorees in MCN's 2018 Wonder Women class have achieved their organizations' goals while fostering overall industry growth and innovation.

They're among media's most influential women, the ones who have found the keys to "breaking through the clutter," as one described her team's approach to getting the job done.

Their perspectives on problem-solving, driving results and creating success demonstrate the leadership qualities that make them MCN's 20th anniversary honorees. And on the most timely issue facing this year's class — the impact of the #MeToo movement on the companies they lead — they offer vision for forging lasting change in the workplace.

Meet these 12 executives in person March 22 at the 20th Anniversary Wonder Women Luncheon. In the meantime, visit Celebrating Media's Influential Women to read their profiles.

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