Warner rules against Moral Court

Low-rated rookie strip Moral Court has banged its last gavel.

The Warner Bros.-distributed show, presided over by radio personality Larry Elders, enjoyed some individual market success on such stations as KCAL-TV Los Angeles, but rarely pulled national numbers above a 1.0. A lot safer but not totally out of the woods, apparently, is Warner Bros. other rookie, Street Smarts. The series is one of the season's highest-rated freshman strips, typically hovering right below a 2.0 in Nielsen households. But the word is that Street Smarts needs to lock up some top market renewals for next fall.

At press time, neither WGN-Chicago nor WPIX-TV New York had picked up the show for a second season. However, Street Smarts is said to have cleared for over 100 markets for next fall, making Warner Bros. confident that the show will return. Just a handful of freshmen, including Power of Attorney, Judge Hatchett, Andromeda, and To Tell the Truth, have officially been renewed. Already canceled efforts include Dr. Laura, Curtis Court, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and Queen of Swords. - Susanne Ault