Warner Bros. Launches MomLogic.com

Warner Bros. Television Group is expanding its digital initiatives, launching MomLogic.com, a parent-targeted destination with cross-platform advertising from Unilever, the site’s charter sponsor.

“Mothers, as a group, represent enormous buying power and influence across a variety of major consumer categories,” said Bruce Rosenblum, president, Warner Bros. Television Group. The company said it believes mothers are an underserved niche that can be addressed with this Web site.

The site will include breaking news and information presented with an editorial vision executives termed “mom lens.” The site is designed to be a social, entertainment and entertainment destination. One of the key elements of the destination’s reach, according to the company, is the MomLogic Network, a vertical online advertising network. The site will aggregate inventory from “editorially compatible” sites, allowing users to discover those other sites. Advertisers will have a chance to reach target consumers across those linked sites.

MomLogic will be primarily advertiser supported, with the inventory managed by Warner Bros. Television Group’s digital media sales group.