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WAPA America Moves Master Control to P.R.

WAPA America, the cable and
satellite superstation of Puerto Rico's WAPA-TV, is expected to announce the
move of its master control operations from Springfield, Mass., to Guaynabo,
Puerto Rico.

The actual move, which cost $2
million, took place in March, but WAPA America is expected to complete the
uplink on July 28, sending a clearer signal to its estimated 3.2 million
viewers on the mainland.

"Rather than walking on a
sidewalk, you are going to be walking on a road," WAPA-TV president Joe Ramos said,
explaining how the switch will not only afford the network better control of its
signal, but also ensure better quality to viewers.

WAPA America's master control
had been operating from Massachusetts since the network was launched in 2004 by
former owners LIN TV. The move to the island will also allow WAPA America to
take advantage of the efficiencies of operating alongside WAPA-TV, which
provides all of its programming.

"The important this is that
WAPA-TV's resources will be available for WAPA America," says Ramos.

Following the switch, WAPA America on Aug. 2 will
feature a new on-air graphics package, new promos and even a brand new jingle
exclusively for U.S. audiences. The jingle, featuring Puerto Rican talent such
as Tito el Bambino, Karla Monroig and former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera, was
recorded in major U.S. cities where WAPA America is seen, such as New York,
Miami, Chicago and Dallas.