Wall Street Week Ends

Long-running financial-analysis show Wall Street Week has been canceled. The announcement was made by Maryland Public Television Thursday. MPT produces the program, which is shown on PBS.

The final episode of the 35-year-old public TV show will be produced for broadcast on Friday, June 24, at 8:30 p.m.

“The life of the show’s format ran its course against the evolving landscape of how the public accesses information for the purpose of investing," Larry D. Unger, MPT's executive VP and COO, said in a statement. "We were finding that underwriters are less inclined to target investors and market watchers with a public-television weekly series."

Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser was relaunched in 2002 as Wall Street Week with Fortune, after host Rukeyser was removed. The move was an attempt to capture a younger audience. Fortune Editorial Director Geoffrey Colvin and Karen Gibbs—a former business correspondent for Fox News—served as the hosts of the relaunched show.

Rukeyser went on to host the CNBC program Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street, which ended in December after he became ill.

"This announcement signals the end of an era for us," said Robert J. Shuman, president and CEO of Maryland Public Television. "We’re proud that MPT has produced the most-watched weekly financial show for 35 years."