Voom’s Equator HD to Debut Japanese Docs

Voom HD Networks’ exploration channel, Equator HD, will air throughout the first quarter more than 20 hours of HD content from NHK, Japan’s sole public broadcaster.

Content includes seasons three and four of wildlife documentary series Wild Secrets. Season three begins this month, with season four debuting in February.

Also debuting on the channel are 10 stand-alone documentary specials on cultural, wildlife and environmental issues impacting the world.

Specials include: The Yellow Sand, about the growth of deserts in China; Beneath a Sinking Island, examining the threat of the rising sea level to coastal nations; Mountainous Sky Caves, a look at the world's largest subterranean caves in the Guangxi Autonomous Region in southwest China; Children at the Muo'men Hotel, a story about Iraqi children at a cancer hospital in Jordan; Displaced II, focusing on the voices of Kosovo civilians in the six years after the bombings; My Burning Back, about the journey of a married couple who survived the U.S. bombing of Nagasaki; The Nuclear Bazaar, a behind-the-scenes look at international politics and the activities of a Pakistani scientist who sold nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea; Nature's Unique Angles: The Hidden Insect Paradise, an exploration of the photographic work of Satoshi Kuribayashi, including images from the world's oldest tropical rainforest; Invasion of the Giant Jellyfish, documenting the giant jellyfish besieging Japan and its fishing industry; and Satoyama: Japan’s Secret Watergarden, covering the insects, animals and plants thriving in the unique ecosystem of Satoyama.

Voom HD Networks are commercial-free and available nationally on EchoStar Communications’ Dish Network direct-broadcast satellite service.

NHK is the programming arm of Japan-based Media International. The broadcaster has 54 stations and airs more than 90% of its general TV programming in HD.